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At Imagescholar, we believe in stewardship. We believe it is our human responsibility to improve the lives of others. Our passion has always been sharing knowledge to benefit others. Imagescholar is dedicated to the practical application of cutting-edge academic and counseling services for students of all socio-economic backgrounds. We continue to develop and to apply our groundbreaking educational systems and to dramatically increase our students' academic performance. Our students choose from a range of interdisciplinary courses and counseling sessions that enable them to succeed both in school and in life. These students also enrich the ImageScholar community with their extraordinary insights and unique perspectives.

Imagescholar's counselors, instructors, tutors and staff members bring a wealth of varied experience to our organization. Many of them have served as teachers, administrators, counselors, curriculum developers, program directors, and community leaders. They contribute their particular knowledge from settings as diverse as public and private schools, nonprofit organizations, international organizations, and corporations. They truly make up one of the most exceptional groups of the academic community around.

Imagescholar is committed to providing the best counseling services and educational tools for our students and their families. Our goals are to become the leader in our field and to serve others as a steward. Our rapidly growing network and partnership with schools and community organizations will further strengthen our ability to provide the best resources for our clients. Given how the world is seemingly getting smaller with the increase of internet technology, Imagescholar is delighted to be the leader of the ever-changing world of educational information. We will continue to set new standards by which others will measure themselves.

Profile of Blakeleigh Kim, Director

Blakeleigh Kim has been working with at-risk youth for the past twenty-five years. He has extensive research and service experiences with Native American Health Services, Education Development Center, Inc., Prodigy Consulting Associates International, and the Risk and Prevention Program at Harvard University. Blakeleigh has worked with varying multicultural populations through individual, group, and family counseling/therapy in Boston, New York and Los Angeles.

One of his areas of special interest and focus has been on identifying and preventing psychological, academic, and social problems among children and adolescents in school and community settings. His current research examines the factors and environmental conditions that contribute to the building of resilience among at-risk children and youth.

Blakeleigh is a graduate of Harvard and Cornell Universities with degrees in Education, Public Health and Counseling. He contributes regularly to their admissions departments and related agencies.

Stewardship for International and Transfer Students

While all of the students who join the Imagescholar family receive assigned counselors who guide them on their educational journeys, Imagescholar also offers an extended stewardship program for international students.

These Imagescholar stewards tend to the special needs of students from abroad. From streamlining the visa application process to serving as proxies at parent-teacher conferences, our International Student Stewards can relieve many of the parental anxieties produced by distance and language barrier.