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How do I get started?

Please contact us at (310) 474-8300 in order to get the process started. At this time we will assess your needs. If your child is struggling or if you feel it would be beneficial, we can set up a free consultation with you and your child with one of our specialists. At that time, you may choose to enroll and we can take care of everything at that time.

If you feel you do not need a consultation, we can provide you with an enrollment form via fax or email and complete everything over the phone. Once we have the necessary information we will begin scheduling your tutor as soon as possible.

How is Imagescholar different from traditional tutoring companies?

At Imagescholar, the needs of the student come first. Period.  If you so choose, we offer a free consultation with an education professional and individually customize a learning plan based upon your child’s specific needs. We measure our success based on the academic success of our clients. Many tutoring companies offer only group sessions or only one-on-one sessions. Some of our services allow for the client to choose between the two depending on the learning style and specific need of their child.

Do you tutor all ages and subjects?

Yes. We can tutor any age, any subject. We specialize in academic tutoring, college counseling, standardized test preparation, stewarding international students, and working with children struggling academically.

What times is tutoring available?

Tutoring is available at all morning, afternoon and evening times. It is our goal to work around your schedule and to keep the sessions at times that are convenient for you.

Where does the tutoring take place?

Most of our one-on-one tutoring takes place in clients’ homes or preferred location such as a library in their immediate area. However, we also offer the use of our Westwood facility which is located at 1762 Westwood Blvd, Suite 250, Los Angeles CA 90024. Typically our facility is utilized for counseling, group learning sessions and seminars.

What regions do you serve?

 We service the Greater Los Angeles area, including portions of Orange County. Our borders are Calabasas in the West, Irvine in the South, Pomona on the East, and Porter Ranch on the North.  However, if you are near or just outside of these borders we may be able to help. Please give us a call at (310) 474 8300 and we will do our best to help you!

What are your rates?

Since rates are dependent on a few factors, please give us a call at (310) 474 8300 for inquiries.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes. We have several test score increase guarantees including a 300 Point Score improvement on the SAT (30 Point equivalent on the PSAT), 10 Point Score improvement on the LSAT, 200 Points on the GRE, 100 Points on the SAT II Subject Tests, and 4 Point Score increase on the ACT. These guarantees are dependent upon a few factors so please call us for the specific details.