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"Thank you. Imagescholar helped demystify the SAT and SAT II Math and provided my son with all the tools to successfully work through the exam. You gave him the necessary edge to be the top test-taker. I know that him getting into Brown University had a lot to do with your teaching and guidance."

- Nicholas’s Mom in Cerritos

"As a company committed to the best parent and student service, Imagescholar and its counselors have far exceeded my expectations. I know that they are working with many students a year but have treated me and my son with exceptional service and care. They put the success of their students and their parents first. They are consistently dedicated to giving the best and the latest information and counseling. I’ve never seen people who worked so hard. Profitability does not seem to be much of importance to them. I cannot thank Imagescholar enough for helping us.”

- Grant’s Mom in Los Angeles

"I will definitely recommend Imagescholar to other people as my daughter placed among the highest-scoring 50,000 students of the 1.4 million who entered the 2007 National Merit Scholarship Program. Given that my daughter was never a good test-taker, I was absolutely shocked at her accomplishment after studying with the people at Imagescholar. It was amazing!"

- Cecilia’s Mom in La Crescenta

“[Imagescholar] doesn’t use a cookie cutter approach.  They are very different.  They will give you results.  No questions!  They treat their students as individuals.  My three daughters have all gone through Imagescholar and my husband and I couldn’t be happier.  My oldest daughter increased her SAT score by over 200 points in two months, and my middle daughter received over 700 on five SAT II subject tests!  I tell all my friends about Imagescholar!"

- Sue’s Mom in Los Angeles

"Our family has been shopping among test prep companies and found your schedule had the most flexibility for our kids. Your academic counselors also gave us the most clear and comprehensive service I’ve seen. My kids are happy and more confident about their academic abilities. I am so glad that we’ve found you."

- Leah’s Mom in Los Angeles

“I love my daughter but she was very difficult to deal with. I was lost at what to do with her. The counselors and tutors at Imagescholar really helped me and my daughter to communicate better. She’s more confident and independent. Her getting into Columbia University could have not been possible without Imagescholar!”

- Sojyung’s Mom in La Palma

"Your academic counseling and teaching are extraordinary! I really appreciate that you guys deliberately keep your classrooms small and detailed. The individual attention that you gave my son has a wonderful effect on him. It really helped him to concentrate and become eager to learn. You guys are wonderful. Thank you."

- Calvin’s Mom in La Habra

 “People at Imagescholar seem to know all the inside information about the admissions process and how to make a student into a true scholar. I always thought that my daughter would never enjoy school. After joining Imagescholar, she is motivated and actually likes being in school. I’m very relieved.”

- Christine’s Dad in La Canada

“Everything that Imagescholar did was customized and individualized.  They really listened and gave us specific plans and strategies for our son to succeed in school.  We were very impressed.  We can’t thank Imagescholar enough for what they did for our son…and for us.  Thank you!”

- Joseph’s Parents in Los Angeles

"When my daughter started SAT tutoring with you guys, her goal was to exceed 1,800. Once she stared studying under your program, you pushed her to go for 2,000. She brought home 2,175 this past June.  She got into Cornell under Early Decision. Thank you very much for your help.”

- Lily’s Mom in Los Angeles

“I didn’t know where to go. My son’s school grades and test scores kept falling and his attitude towards school became more cynical. We took our son everywhere to get him the help he needed. His school counselors and other private professionals that we came into contact didn’t help at all. The counselors at ImageScholar got through to him from the very first day. I was amazed at how our son became more cooperative and focused. His grades and test scores kept going up. More importantly, his attitude towards school and himself became more positive. I just wished that we had found Imagescholar sooner. We would have avoided so much of the headaches and heartaches if we had the people from Imagescholar earlier in our lives. Thank you so very much and God bless you for the work you do!”

- Michael’s Dad in Valencia

"My son increased his SAT score by 370 points! He had been at a several different commercial test-prep places during the past four years and his scores stayed pretty much the same. You guys raised his scores by 370 in just three months! I think that he knew right away how serious you guys were and he really paid attention to your program."

- Sam’s Mom in Los Angeles

"You gave my daughter the tools and the honest inspiration that she so desperately needed...we could not have done it without you and she may not even be where she is today without you. Not only did you help her get into her top choice college but you also equipped her with all the knowledge and skills to succeed in college. Thanks a million Imagescholar!"

- Esther’s Dad in Beverly Hills

“My parents took me to many commercial education places and they all seemed the same to me.  Imagescholar’s counselors and teachers were committed to me and my future. I am more motivated and driven to do better in school.”

- Alex in Fullerton

“I’ve never been challenged and pushed hard until I came to Imagescholar.  I got better scores in shorter amount of time than my other friends who went to Kaplan and other places like that.”

- Daniel in La Crescenta

“I’m more confident now about my ability to do really well in school, thanks to the teachers at Imagescholar.   They taught me how to study and take exams well.  I also learned to manage my time better.”

-Christina in South Pasadena

“You really do get tons of individual attention at Imagescholar!”

- Shelly in San Marino

“They really do care about you and your success at Imagescholar. I met some of the nicest and smartest people there!”

- Sean in Brentwood

“I know that I will be successful given what I learned at Imagescholar”

- Eddie in Hacienda Heights

"Last year, I decided to make the investment for an SAT Preparation class. Imagescholar offered the most complete private tutor-based teaching and the best academic counselors. This year, I'm off to my top choice college. Thanks!"

- Rebecca in Fullerton

"I liked the mix between instruction and practice in my class. The teacher's material was always supplemented with real SAT questions, and the practice-test-and-review sessions were a great refresher before the actual test.  The instructors were serious and I couldn’t mess around.  I really had to put in my efforts. Thanks Imagescholar!"

- Tsatsral in Los Angeles

“The instructors at Imagescholar actually spends time listening to you. I feel more confident and relieved because I know I can count on Imagescholar to give me what I need immediately."

- Stephanie in South Pasadena

"Their prices were a lot lower than that of Princeton or Kaplan. My tutors did a great job explaining everything, and they weren't kidding when they said the materials and course were comprehensive. There were absolutely no surprises when I took the real SAT."

- Samuel in Los Angeles

“You’ll always be ahead of the admission game with Imagescholar”

- Henry in Hancock Park